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Australia is a huge country with a wide range of diving types. From some of the world’s top cities to desert and everything in between, this magnificent country has something for everyone! Shop your heart out in Melbourne, try your hand is surfing on the Gold Coast, photograph the iconic sandstone monolith in Uluru or participate in an exhilarating cage dive with the 8 meter long Great White Sharks!

There are an extraordinary number of excellent dive locations all around the coastal areas, and some that attract a global audience year round. Some examples of Australia’s incredible dive destinations include:

The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is the destination to visit if you’re seeking incredible coral reef and a diverse range of tropical fish! Spend your time on a liveaboard on the coral sea and explore a multitude of dive sites or simply catch a day boat our from tropical Cairns – the choice is yours! This incredible reef stretches 2,000 kilometers along the Australia coast and can be seen from outer space!

South Australia offers one of the only destinations in the world where you can dive with the Great White Shark! Hope in a sage on wither the surface or the ocean floor and experience the exhilarating feeling of these giants gliding by!

Western Australia is home to one our the underwater world’s most beautiful creatures, the whale shark. These plankton eating giants in habit the waters of Exmouth along Ningaloo Reef, another world renowned reef. Snorkeling and diving alongside these incredible creatures will be a memory you’ll never forget!

Lord Howe Island is situated off the east coast of Australia with its waters at the cross roads of five major ocean currents, including the East Australian Current which runs down the Great Barrier Reef and into the Tasman Sea.  Being one of just four islands to be inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, Lord Howe Island is naturally beautiful, with abundant vegetation and a unique marine ecosystem, which is host to some species of coral and wildlife not found anywhere else in the world.

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