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New Caledonia

The New Caledonia Archipelago is located in Melanesia, in the south-western South Pacific. The capital Noumea is situated on the principal island known as the “Grande Terre”. When you think New Caledonia, you should think wild, unspoilt coastlines, white sand beaches, blue oceans and lush green forest. New Caledonia is home to a barrier reef that stretches 1600 kilometres around the mainland forming the world’s largest lagoon. Smaller islands surround the reef including the Loyalty Islands and the Isle of Pines.

In terms of diving, options are multiple. Explore the Reef Aboré in the Dumbéa pass, Casy Islet in the Bay of Prony, Epave de la Joliette (the Wreck of Joliette) in Thio, the Rift of Bayes in Poindimié orjardin d’Eden (the Garden of Eden) in the Ile des Pins … A hundred heavenly sites are spread across the archipelago. The marine life is equally as outstanding: parrots, blue grouper, grouper, eagle rays, reef sharks, lobsters and their local cousins, the “popinée”, as well as turtles and dugongs.

Diving Destinations in New Caledonia

General Information

Australian passport holders require a minimum of six month validity and an onward or return ticket. For more information and for holders of other passports, please refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for the latest travel advice.

The Central Pacific Franc (XPF) is the unit of currency. One Australian dollar is equal to approximately 85 XPF.

French is the official language, but English is widely spoken and understood. About 30 Melanesian dialects are also commonly spoken.

220V and uses the European plug type.

GMT + 11 (1 hour ahead of Sydney).

Light informal clothes all year round. Sweaters are advisable for cooler evenings. Shorts are not recommended for evenings in restaurants.

New Caledonia enjoys a sunny climate marked by two seasons: December to March is warm and humid with moderate rainfall; April to November is cool and dry. Air temperature remains about 24-26°C.

Ranges from 21°C in July to 28°C in December.

None at 1 July 2012.

Tipping is not part of the culture in New Caledonia.

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