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The Maldives, located south-west of Sri-Lanka, are a series of coral atolls distributed longitudinally near the equator for a length of 450 miles. Small beautiful islands emerge from the reef, covered with lush vegetation and bordered by a fine white sand and crystal waters of the lagoons. In the warm, clear waters of the Maldives it is possible to see manta rays, whale sharks, valleys and gardens of luscious corals, enormous tuna, eagle rays, thousands of different species of fish around the reefs, and countless species of invertebrates. The Maldives are a true adventure in paradise.

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General Information

Australian passport holders will require a passport which is valid for at least six months beyond intended stay. A visa is not required for Australian passport holders staying under 30 days. For more information and for holders of other passports, please refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for the latest travel advice.

The Rufiyaa (MVR) is the unit of currency. One Australian Dollar buys approximately 15 MVR. However, the USD is the most commonly accepted currency.

The local language is Dhivehi. English is spoken at all resorts and tourist areas.

220-240V and uses three plug types: British, European and Indian. A multi-adaptor is recommended.

GMT+5 (5 hours behind Sydney).

Light, casual clothing is all that is recommended for this hot, tropical climate. Women are expected to dress modestly in public areas.

The Maldives have a tropical climate with warm temperatures year round , averaging 29ºC daily.


An Airport Development Charge (ADC) of $25 USD will be collected at check-in on departure from Male. This is payable by cash or credit card and applies to all passengers except infants.

A 10% service charge is normally added, however while this would usually mean further tipping is not required, in the Maldives the people personally serving you will still expect something.

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