Lembeh Straights - Underwater Photography

The underwater world presents an incredible array of photography opportunities for everyone from beginners to professional photographers. Factors that might contribute to this include remarkable visibility, healthy coral reef, photogenic animals and critters or an event like an exciting shark feed or snapper aggregation.

There are destinations for everyone from the advanced photographer with a fast pace and difficult shots right down to the new diver wanting to capture their dive as a keepsake. There are even a myriad of resorts that will happily teach underwater photography as a course option at their dive centre! Here are some of our top picks, where you’ll find not only great photo opportunities but also good camera facilities.

There are some destinations where divers seem to consistently get great photos, no matter what their level of experience, below are some of our recommendations.

Macro Photography


World-class macro critter photography

The Philippines

Incredible macro diversity!

Papua New Guinea

Wonderful reefs sporting endless macro life

Wide Angle Photography

Beqa Lagoon, Fiji

A fantastic shark feed with amazing photo opportunities


Great coral reef photos

Papua New Guinea

Schooling barracuda, bumphead parrotfish and loads of turtles

Mixed Bag

South America

So much to see, from big to small on land and underwater. Just make sure you take all of your lenses!

Papua New Guinea

Fantastic reef diving, take your macro lens and your wide angle for great wall photos

The Philippines

Thresher sharks, plus awesome muck diving