Ian Lockwood

30years in the industry

Ian Lockwood

Managing Director

Ian is at the helm of Allways Dive Expeditions with more than 30 years experience. He joined the team in the retail travel area in 1989 and quickly moved to the dive department, learning the business from the ground up. Since then he has been travelling to all corners of the earth to find the very best diving destinations for his customers. He particularly enjoys diving with schooling pelagics and learning the history of World War II wrecks.

Ian regularly escorts groups to different diving destinations and has dived all over the South Pacific and Asia. He has also travelled extensively to South America, Europe, New Zealand and the USA.

Contact Ian on ian@allwaysdive.com.au

11years in the industry

Abbigail Grier

Travel Administrator

Abbigail joined Allways Dive Expeditions in 2008 and is the backbone of our team. Whether it’s producing a flyer for a dive shop or ensuring that the hotels are paid on time, Abbigail is the go-to girl.

She is well-recognised in the dive industry due to her extensive travels around Australia to visit dive shops and trade shows and for her bright and friendly attitude. Abbigail’s favourite travel destinations are Palau, Egypt and the Pacific Harbour region of Fiji.

Contact Abbigail on abbigail@allwaysdive.com.au

15 years in the industry

Jess Chrimes

Dive Travel Specialist

After taking some time away from Allways to start a family, Jess is excited to return to a job she loves so much. Jess has had an extensive career within the travel industry, eventually finding her niche when she landed in dive travel. Jess became an open water diver 14 years ago, and went on to become an advanced diver, completing this certificate on the wreck SS President Coolidge in Santo, Vanuatu.

Jess has travelled extensively, and the dive destinations she has ticked off her list include Fiji, Vanuatu (several times!), Tonga, Papua New Guinea, the Phillippines, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia. While diving among humpback whales in Tonga is her most memorable moment so far, the top of her bucket list is to complete a dive in Antarctica!

Contact Jess on travel@allwaysdive.com.au

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