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ALLWAYS DIVE – By Australian divers. For Australian divers… the world over

Welcome to Allways Dive Expeditions – Australia’s premier dive travel retailer – serving the Australian dive community for over 40 years..

Allways Dive is one of the most highly regarded names in retail scuba diving holidays in the Southern hemisphere. Here at Allways Dive experience talks – we have successfully and safely sent over 100,000 Aussie divers like you on dive adventures from Palau to Antarctica since 1976. From tech diver in Bikini Atoll to wreck diver in Coron –  whether you’re a newbie diver in Palau, free diver in Koh Tao, spearo in Samoa or a snorkeler in Cuba – Allways Dive Expeditions have got a dive adventure for you.

The team at Allways Dive have been working hard for over 40 consecutive years (100 collectively) to ensure those passionate about the ocean get the best travel experience possible. Whether you know exactly what you want or need help designing and booking your ideal holiday, our staff is on hand to help. Whether it’s Operation Hailstone World War II wreck diving at Truk Lagoon in Micronesia, reef dives in Mozambique, wall dives at the Galapagos Islands in South America; or how about big fish dives at Nuku Alofa in Tonga, muck diving for tiny critters in Dauin in the Philippines or cold-water diving with Leopard Seals in Antarctica that you’re seeking, our experienced staff at Allways Dive will help you find your dive adventure.

And if one of your party doesn’t dive, or you fancy doing something else alongside your diving, we can advise on destinations that offer activities such as yoga, spa treatments, rock climbing, mountain treks, bird watching, native cooking as well as volunteering and marine conservation work.


Standards – As an ATAS and AFTA licensed travel agent, rest assured that we’ve met all the strict standards and criteria required by those professional bodies – We are the best in the industry!

Expert guidance – Our entire team are destination experts as well as fully trained and qualified travel agents – oh yes – we are all fully qualified divers too who between us have dived most of the destinations we offer.

Convenience- Why spend your valuable time trawling the net – Let us do the work!

We can and do take care of every aspect of your travel, flights, transfers, tours, activities, travel insurance and more all packaged in a neat travel wallet and sent to your doorstep. Our bespoke Dive Packages are created just for you; we take everything that you say into consideration and adjust it till it’s just right and you are happy!

Service – What’s not to like; our personal service is better than the” .com holiday” sites; in fact if you search our webpage and have a question an actual person will get in touch to have a chat and just answer your questions and, if you wish to proceed, start working on your holiday plans with you. So, if want to feel like someone cares about your holiday – we’ve got you!

Hang on Help is on the way – We really doubt you’ll need it but if you experience a problem while travelling, we’re here for you 24/7 – all our documents have emergency contact number should you need us no matter the day or time.

First in service and product – we are leaders in our industry: Browse our site or drop us a line to check out all the alternative and unusual dive destinations we have curated for you!

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Our Staff

Ian Lockwood

30years in the industry

Ian Lockwood

Managing Director

11years in the industry

Abbigail Grier

Travel Administrator

Allways Dive Expeditions have worked to contact every passenger either directly or via their booking agent regarding values held over and carried across from trips affected by the COVID19 border closures.

Due to the lapse of time since travel recommenced from all states in Australia domestically and internationally we advise that any and all credits carried due to Pandemic cancellations and reschedules will expire at DEC 31st 2023.

If you believe you hold a credit with us please reach out and firm up a trip itinerary with us.

Any trip utilising a carried Pandemic credit or value must be confirmed and allocated prior to DEC 24th 2023 on a trip departing no later than JUNE 30 2024 in order for us to finalise the financial year 2023/2024.

No pre pandemic credits will be valid after these dates.