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Tālofa! Samoa is a delightful Pacific nation just a little further past Fiji, directly east of the northern tip of Queensland. Life here is relaxed and laid back, and the people are very friendly in the typical Polynesian way. Ten islands make up the country, and all have different environments such as volcanic peaks, rainforest valleys, rivers, lagoons, beaches and coral reefs. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing family beach holiday. Diving is relaxed reef diving, with lots of fish.


Diving Destinations in Samoa

General Information

Australian passport holders require six months validity beyond your departure from Samoa, and an onward or return air ticket. For more information and for holders of other passports, please refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for the latest travel advice.

The Samoan Tala (WST) is the unit of currency. One Australian dollar is worth approximately 2 Tala.

The national languages are Samoan and English.

220-240V and uses the Australian plug type.

GMT+13 (3 hours ahead of Sydney)

It can be very warm and humid in Samoa so it is recommended that you take cool, lightweight and crease-resistant clothing. Tourists are asked not to wear bathing suits in Apia or local villages.

Samoa’s climate is warm and tropical. From November to April it is the hot, rainy season, with temperatures ranging up to 30°C and around 3cms of rain falling on a typical day. The afternoon rains and winds have a welcome cooling effect. This season is also the time each year when cyclones may occur. From May to November it is the cool, dry season – less humidity, and slightly lower temperatures.

Average 24°C

WST $65 per adult and $15 per child as at 1 July 2012

Tipping is not practiced or expected in Samoa. However, if a guest wishes to leave a gift for good service then you are welcome to do so directly with the employee or the hotel reception.

Samoa promises beautiful experiences, culture, and landscapes. And 'Beautiful Samoa' aims to inspire visitors to travel to the treasured islands and experience the truth of that promise.Beautiful Samoa awaits!Feel free to share and use the hashtag #BEAUTIFULSAMOA

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