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10 Travel Items to Forget… & Not Forget

6 travel items you don’t need from the store but will buy anyway:

Travel Items

Rainbow Luggage Strap

1. Antibacterial Wipes

We’ve all done it, they’re sitting there so temptingly on the counter and they’re only $3… I’m already spending 100… The reality is that these will contribute ¼ of a kilo to your weight limit and take up valuable space. No, you won’t use them. You know why? Because in the unlikely event you’re in a situation to actually need them, they’ll still be in your hotel room. And there’s soap there.

2. A Land Compass
While drinking your evening pina colada, face the setting sun. That’s west.

3. A “Light Polarfleece”
Polarfleece is overrated. When the weather is sticky, the last thing you’ll want is recycled coke bottles next to your skin. By all means buy it because it’s on special but a small thermal top is better for the plane anyway.

Travel Items

Travel Tripod

4. A “Travel” Tripod
You know the ones. About 10cm tall with little round things on the
 ends. Sadly these are rarely strong enough to hold up most cameras and stay still while you’re pressing the shutter – besides that, how many flat surfaces are on a tropical island? If you need a travel tripod, spend a few more dollars and get a Gorillapod.

5. Hikers Towel on a Carabiner

6. Rainbow luggage strap
All power to you but your bag will look just like the other 400 on the belt with rainbow luggage straps.

4 things you forgot to buy but probably should have:

1. Travel Clothesline
Oh I know it sounds silly, you’re not going to be doing laundry! But these things tend to come in handy. You can tie things together, keep doors or windows open or closed, suspend a torch over the bed… oh and you can use it as a clothesline.

2. A Spare Travel Adapter

Travel Adapter

Travel Adapter

We all travel with far too much gear these days: laptops, mobile phones, cameras… some of us hairdryers… when you need to charge your camera but your laptop is flat, you’ll appreciate the extra power plug. Another idea is to take a double adaptor, but make sure you don’t overload the circuits – wiring in some of these countries isn’t as good as back home.

3. Earplugs
On the plane, in a room with a snorer… there is no substitute for a decent pair of earplugs. None. Buy ten.

4. Head Torch
Look it depends where you’re going, but I guarantee that if there’s an outside toilet at night involved, or even a blown lightbulb in the loos at the resort, two hands are better than one.


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