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Top 10 Smoasting Locations For Your Dive Holiday

For those feeling confused right now, smoasting is “social media boasting” – rather than send a postcard, most of us are just taking pics of ourselves around the world and posting it on Facebook or Instagram. Here are our top ten favourites at the moment. Where have you been smoasting lately? Come over to Facebook and tell us all about it.

Smoasting Locations:

  1. The Niue Yacht Club
  2. Any of the Maldives‘ 1190 islands
  3. The water village at Kapalai Dive Resort in Borneo
  4. Tanna volcano at night
  5. The infinity pool at Lembeh Hills Resort, North Sulawesi
  6. Yonaguni monument in Japan
  7. The sunset lookout at Palau Pacific Resort
  8. The restaurant at Tufi overlooking the fjords
  9. The gigantic lagoon at the Empire Hotel in Brunei
  10. Verde Island at Puerto Galera in the Philippines
smoasting diver at yonaguni monument okinawa japan

Diver at Yonaguni monument, Okinwa, Japan