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Out in the South Pacific, you will find Solomon Islands: a piece of paradise that offers the best respite. Placed between Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea, this archipelago can be your best choice for a relaxing vacation full of exciting activities and wonderful sights. Should you decide to go to this fascinating destination, here are some things you can do to make the most out of your trip:


Go Island Hopping

Being an archipelago, one of the best things you can do in the Solomon Islands is to go island hopping. This way, your experience is not only confined to one major island only, but you can expand your tour to other ones, as well. That is if you have the time and money to go to other parts of Solomon Islands, as going from one island to another requires you to take domestic flights. However, you can easily go around an island by getting a car and scooter rental. If you are in it for the diving prospects, you might want to start at the island of Guadalcanal. Home to Honiara, the capital city, this place serves as a diving gateway.

See What’s Under the Sea

Perhaps one of the most exciting activities tourists can do in this country is diving. This is a good way to be one with nature, especially with the marine life it cultivates. Munda offers a view of coral gardens teeming with sea creatures, big and small. Divers have the opportunity to see animals up close, from sharks and rays to pygmy seahorses.

Aside from the natural wonders, history buffs will have the time of their life exploring various World War II wrecks in the area. You can survey the Tao Maru in Gizo, a Japanese shipwreck accessible with just 30 metres of water above it. A much deeper dive is required to see the USS Aaron Ward in Tulagi, hiding under 60 to 70 metres of water.

Explore the Rainforests

If by chance, you get tired of the water, you can go hiking in the country’s rainforest. With this, you can experience the diverse wildlife Solomon Islands has to offer. You can expect to see majestic waterfalls and wonderful greeneries along the way. A little bit more exploration and you will encounter wrecked warships and tanks.

Find the Right Resort

When you travel, you are surely looking forward to seeing the sights and experiencing what the destination has to offer. However, you want to make sure that you find an accommodation that makes it easier for you to enjoy the place, its views and culture.

As beaches and diving are some of the most popular attractions in the Solomon Islands, you might want to find a beach resort that has an on-site dive shop just like the Uepi Island Resort and Sanbis Resort in Gizo. If you choose to stay in a hotel without one, make sure that you have access to dive operators that allows equipment hires and offers diving courses for beginners.


There is nothing better than being able to live your life to the fullest and going on a vacation in a paradise-like destination. With a trip to the Solomon Islands, you are on your way to maximum relaxation and a fulfilling experience.