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Gallipoli Wreck Diving Sites

Gallipoli, located on the Turkish peninsula stands out as one of the most futile battles of World War I. The loss suffered here is not only reflected in the soils of her shores but in the surrounding waters. There remains to date so many unanswered questions regarding the allied assault of 1915. Yet the discovery and identification of some 216 wrecks gives an insight into the conflict and loss. See below, some of the wrecks now open to discovery.

HMS Goliath

  • Location: Morto Cove
  • Depth: 55-70 metres
  • Type: Canopuc-class pre-dreadnought battleship
  • Built: 1897 by the Royal Navy
  • Sunk: 13 May, 1915
  • Length: 118 metres
  • Tons: 12,950
HMS Goliath Gallipoli

HMS Majestic

  • Location: Morto Cove
  • Depth: 18-29 metres
  • Type: Majestic-class pre-dreadnought battleship
  • Built: 1895
  • Sunk: 27 May, 1915
  • Length: 119 metres
  • Tons: 14,900Both struck by a mine and hit by shore batteries.
The HMS Majestic sinking Gallipoli

An extremely photogenic wreck The HMS Majestic was a British warship that sunk in the shore of Morto Cove and sits in around 18-29 metres of water. The relics on the ship are fantastic. The crows nest makes for fantastic photographs. There is a cannon on the deck so encrusted in barnacles that it is not attached to the surface of the boat. Schooling bream and a number of other fish swarm the interior of the wreck, which is inaccessible to divers, bringing it to life. Shoals of leer, a large silver fish, often growing to 1.5 metres in length patrol the area. Tap your dive knife on one of the boats and these curious guys will rush to find out what’s going on.


  • Location: Kumkale
  • Depth: 45-52 metres
  • Type: Charlemagne-class pre-dreadnought battleship
  • Built: mid 1890s for the French Navy
  • Sunk: 27 December, 1916
  • Length: 117 metres
  • Tons: 10,361
HMS Gaulois Gallipoli

HMS Irresistible

  • Location: Dardanos
  • Depth: 39-61 metres
  • Type: Formidable-class pre-dreadnought battleship
  • Built: 1898
  • Sunk: 18 March, 1915
  • Length: 125 metres
  • Tons: 14,685
HMS Irresistible Gallipoli
Diver on the bow of the minesweeping trawler Lundy Gallipoli

The ship remains of the HMS Irresistible are now scattered due to the heavy blow of striking a mine while participating in the final attempt to force the Dardanelles Straights.


  • Location: Suvla Cove
  • Depth: 28-30 metres
  • Type: Cargo Ship
  • Built: 1908
  • Sunk: 15 April, 1915
  • Length: –
  • Tons: 108
  • Dive Highlight: Endless Crevices & Corners To Explore
Lundy - Photo Saygun Dura

Sunk by torpedo fire on the 15th of April, 1915, this wreck now lies on the sand at 27 metres in Suvla Bay. Despite 100 years of resting underwater, this cargo ship that was carrying supplies and ammunition is still largely intact and now serves as a fantastic artificial reef, home to a myriad of marine life! Find lobsters, conger eels (up to one metre in length!), shoals of bream, corb fish and goby. What were once huge iron beams are now covered in pink and yellow sponges, giving the ship a magnificent colour.

HMS Triumph

  • Location: Cape Helles
  • Depth: 56-72 metres
  • Type: Swiftsure-class pre-dreadnought battleship
  • Built: 1903
  • Sunk: 25 May, 1915
  • Length: 146 metres
  • Tons: 11,800
HMS Triumph Gallipoli

Mesudiye (Turkish War Ship)

  • Location: Kepez-Sarisglik
  • Depth: 12-28 metres
  • Type: Pre-dreadnought battleship
  • Built: 1874
  • Sunk: 13 December 1914
  • Length: 101 metres
  • Tons: 9,120
The Ottoman Ironclad Mesudiye Gallipoli

 Bouvet French Battle Ship

  • Location: Erenkoy
  • Depth: 48-60 metres
  • Type: Pre-dreadnought battleship
  • Built: 1893
  • Sunk:18 March, 1915
  • Length: 117 metres
  • Tons: 12,007
French Battleship Bouvet Gallipoli