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Deep Blue Diving



Deep Blue Diving - Humpback Whale

Deep Blue Diving – Humpback Whale

Deep Blue Diving operates dives in both Eua and Nuku’alofa. They have fantastic staff that know the oceans well and are terrific at reading the whales to ensure an unforgettable experience. Using a number of methods such as limited boat in the water, a slow motoring pace and even reading the whales body language as to when to get into the water, the chances of you getting to watch and swim with the whales is significantly increased. As well as their normal staff, Deep Blue have a number of volunteers that they work with in order to understand the whales including people in different fields including marine biology, dive masters, instructors photographers, videographers, wild life specialists, naturalists and more! The operation also offer snorkelling trips, fishing and tours on Eua.


Deep Blue Diving - The Team

Deep Blue Diving – The Team

From May-November experience the whale migration up close and personal.  Throughout the year expect to see some amazing caves, wrecks and reefs. The water is a toasty 29°C and crystal clear, so Eua is the place to dive.


  • Full Dive Gear
  • Tanks
  • Light Lunch


MV Kiunia:

Deep Blue Diving - Dive Boat

Deep Blue Diving – Dive Boat

  • 15m Long
  • Steel Hull
  • Ex Fishing Boat
  • Twin Diesel Engines
  • 8 Knots
  • 25 Max Pax
  • Dive Deck
  • Entry/ Exit Ladder

Plus a small aluminium 3 meter boat.

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