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Dive Donsol is one of the world’s most reliable places to view and interact with Whale Sharks as they find refuge in the waters of Donsol between November & March. Whales Sharks sighted in Donsol’s waters are between 4-12 metres in length and swimming with them is a Dive Adventure of gigantic proportions. Note: In Donsol it is forbidden to scuba dive with Whale Sharks (snorkelling is however allowed), however it is possible to scuba dive with them on nearby dive sites such as Manta Bowl.

In addition to Whale Sharks sightings, there are also many interesting dive sites around Donsol. This destination is famous for its Donsol Manta Rays which you can spot at Manta Bowl in Ticao Pass. The best period to see them is from December to May. From June to November the sea can be choppy which can make boat rides a bit dangerous.

The nearby Miguel Island and Ticao Island are also great spots to see superb soft coral, Sea Snakes, Frogfishes, Nudibranchs and also Pelagic fishes. This is a great place for Underwater Macro Photography. There are also a few wrecks but they are only really good for Technical-Diving.

Donsol Whale Shark season:

Whale Sharks can be seen from November to June but the optimum period is from February to May. During this period if you are lucky you can see 12-15 whale sharks per day.

Donsol Manta Rays can be seen all year round but the peak period is from December to June.


Donsol is located at the southern tip of Luzon Island in the Philippines. The town’s population is approximately 47,000 and is traditionally engaged in fishing & agricultural activities. Donsol has recently become a favoured destination to swim with whale sharks overtaking Oslob in popularity with responsible Divers because of the way the whale sharks are not retained in Donsol by feeding whereas they are in Oslob. seen by some as not being eco-friendly.

Accommodation in Donsol


Elysia Beach Resort

  • Type: Resort
  • Suitable For Non Divers: Yes
  • Swimming Pool: Yes
  • Air-Conditioning: Yes
  • Hot Water: Yes
  • On-Site Dive Shop: No
  • Resort Highlight: Beautiful Surrounding Rainforest
  • Diving Highlight: Whale Shark Encounter!
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Ticao Island Resort

  • Type: Resort
  • Suitable For Non Divers: Yes
  • Swimming Pool: No
  • Air-Conditioning: Yes
  • Hot Water: Yes
  • On-Site Dive Shop: Yes
  • Resort Highlight: Traditional Thatched Bungalows
  • Diving Highlight: Something For Everyone
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