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Above The Water

Well off the beaten path, Tufi is located on a coastal strip in the Oro Province on the North Eastern side of Papua New Guinea and has been described as a world of wonder. The only way to reach Tufi is by either boat or plane. The area is famous for its product of tapa cloth and the climate is tropical year round, ranging from 22 to 31 degrees. Flying into Tufi is a breathtaking experience – look down onto crystal blue coral reef and exotic green mountains that make up the remarkable fjords. Created by the eruption of 3 volcanos hundreds of years ago, this plunging scenery is only one of Tufi’s many wonders.


Dive underwater and you will find yourself upon a pristine, untouched reef, home to a myriad of tropical marine life. The area also offers a number of incredible wreck dives as a result of WWII including a Dutch cargo ship and a B17 bomber. Tufi is one of the few destinations in Papua New Guinea to offer all year round diving. The clear, calm and protected waters of the tropical fjords are perfect for macro and muck diving. This diving paradise has over 30 major dive sites in the nearby tropical waters of the Solomon Sea, with many uncharted reefs waiting to be explored. The stunning marine biodiversity makes this a unique reef system. Coral outcrops are so abundant with fish, that the saying “more fish than water” is a common phrase. Pelagic schools of tuna, Spanish mackerel, barracuda, white tip and black tip reef sharks, hammerheads and the rare white hammerheads, inhabit these exotic waters.  Turtles, manta rays and eagle rays are also seen cruising by.

Accommodation in Tufi

Tufi Dive Resort/ Tufi Dive

  • Type: Resort
  • Suitable For Non Divers: Yes
  • Swimming Pool: Yes
  • Air-Conditioning: Yes
  • Hot Water: Yes
  • On-Site Dive Shop: No
  • Resort Highlight: 180 Degree Panoramic Views
  • Diving Highlight: Remote, Unexplored Reefs
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