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Rabaul Kokopo Dive



Rabaul-Kokopo Dive Shop

Rabaul-Kokopo Dive Shop

Rabaul Kokopo Dive is Rabaul’s newest dive operation, opening to the public in August 2016. The shop is located in the middle of Rapopo Plantation Resort and has all the facilities you’ll need for some mesmerizing dive days! Located only a short walk to the beach, the dive shop offers fantastic views of Rabaul’s active volcano, Mt Tavurvur across the water. You can book everything from a short snorkel trip, a myriad of dives or one of the many courses offered. The friendly dive team pride themselves on ensuring your diving is an exciting, unforgettable adventure and at the end of each dive day, will wash and disinfect all of your dive gear, hanging in a secure shaded area out the back of the shop so that you can pack clean dry gear prior to flying. For the non-divers, family members, history enthusiasts and adventurers, the shop also offers a myriad of half and full day activities to keep the you endlessly entertained.


The diving in Rabaul in is known for its incredible marine life, fantastic wreck dives and crystal clear, tropical waters.

In terms of marine life, you can expect to see whales, sharks, rays, eels, dolphins, large schooling fish like barracouta, trevally, snapper through to an enormous range of small critters like pigmy sea horses, garden eels and leafy scorpion fish. If you are lucky, there have also been sightings of some fantastic macro life including harlequin ghost pipefish & soft coral crabs. Orcas, pilot whales and other pelagics have also been known to be spotted off the coast of Rabaul.

Rabaul-Kokopo Dive - Dolphin Snorkelling

Rabaul-Kokopo Dive – Dolphin Snorkelling

Some of the areas popular dive sites include:

Scuttled Shore Landing/RORO Vessel

This wreck dive is located only metres from Little Pigeon Island and is sitting on her side in approximately 16 metres of water. She is resting right on the edge of a fantastic wall, meaning one entire side of the wreck involves diving over deep blue, crystal clear water. The wreck sunk in xx by xx and was a cargo ship. She is now a fantastic artificial reef with hard and soft corals covering the entire ship along with a countless number of tropical reef fish.

WWII bi-plane wreck ‘Pete’

Fully intact Mitsubishi F1M2 Naval Type “O” bi-plane condemned “Pete” by the allies is an excellent dive with usually superb visibility.

House wreck off Rapopo

30m Coastal Fishing ship sunk 80m from the shore offers a fantastic night dive with resident Moray Eels and Blue Spotted Rays alone with schooling rish and a variety of hard and soft corals.

Rapopo Plantation Resort Sunset

Rapopo Plantation Resort Sunset

WWII Japanese 2000t Ship Wreck

Affectionately called “Georges Wreck” visibility is generally excellent. The wreck starts at 6m and slopes down the reef to 65m. The bow which sits on the beginning osf the slope is surrounded by pristine reef which makes it a beautiful snorkel also.


Crystal clear waters, warm waters and secluded dive sites only minutes off shore… what more could you want!


  • All Dive Equipment including computer
  • The use of a professional Dive guide
  • Lunch for full day land and/or full day sea tours where the customer wouldn’t be able to make it back for lunch. A 2 x dive day will generally have you back around 1:00pm in time for lunch at the resort.
  • Photographs taken by guide during dives (sent to your email)


Rabaul-Kokopo Dive - Mt. Tavurvur Volcano, Rabaul

Rabaul-Kokopo Dive – Mt. Tavurvur Volcano, Rabaul

  • Mask & snorkel – Mares
  • Fins – Mares
  • BCD – Mares,
  • Regulators which include Computers – Mares
  • Tanks – Luxfer, 80 litres
  • Weights
  • Stinger suit (if requested)
  • Din/ Yoke adapter

Please note no Nitrox available.


  • Covered deck
  • Ladder & dive platform for easy entry/exit
  • Ample storage for gear
  • Fresh water rise tubs for cameras in between dives
  • Solar charger for charging cameras
    Rabaul-Kokopo Dive - The Atun Wreck

    Rabaul-Kokopo Dive – The Atun Wreck


  • Boat name: Charlie
  • Max capacity divers: 12 divers
  • Max capacity crew: + 3 crew
  • Engine: Inboard Volvo Penta
  • Year built:2003
  • Build: Westcoaster
  • Cruise speed/ top speed: Cruise Speed 25knots, Max Speed 37knots
  • Oxygen on board
  • Defibrillator on board
  • Full safety gear including: Flares, Marine First Aid Kit, Life Jackets, RFD Life Rafts, Defib, Oxy-viva, Torches, Fog Horn, Strobes, Extinguishers
  • Length: 10m


  • Discover Scuba
  • Open Water Diver
  • Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Emergency First Response
  • Rescue Diver
  • PADI Specialties
  • Master Scuba Diver
  • Dive Master
    Rabaul-Kokopo Dive - The Atun Wreck

    Rabaul-Kokopo Dive – The Atun Wreck


  • Visit the Kokopo or Rabaul War Museum
  • Snorkelling With The Dolphins 300+ Spinner Dolphins
  • Visit the Japanese Barge Tunnel
  • Tour of the Underground War Hospitals
  • Visit the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory
  • Visit the Hotsprings
  • Trek Mt. Tavurvur Volcano or the Mother Mountain
  • Fishing Trips
  • Island Charter Trips
  • Spearfishing Trips
  • Japanese Bunkers

Contact one of our friendly staff today to book your dives with Rabaul-Kokopo Dive.

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