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1Milne Bay


The Milne Bay Province is made up of 160 named islands, and 500 coral cays spread over 250,000 square kilometres of ocean. The land is very interesting with white and black sand beaches, craters, hot springs and beautiful orchids, butterflies and birds of paradise. Today, divers travel from all parts of the world to explore the incredible wreck sites as a result of WWII as well as the various coral reef sites. If diving isn’t your thing, spend your days, hiking, bird watching, island hopping or simply enjoying the incredible weather.

Tawali could be described as remote Luxury with tropical weather a spirit of friendliness. Undoubtedly Tawali is one of the few that caters for divers and non divers, singles and families that put this destination on the top of any listing. Located a short distance from East Cape, getting to Tawali involves a coastal and forest drive from Alotau followed by a 15 minutes scenic boat ride. The best time of year to travel to Tawali is between June through to November, that is not to say that the other times of the year are not good.


Some amazing dive sites include:

  • Deacon’s Reef
  • Wahoo Point
  • Cobbs Cliff
  • Lawadi
  • Barracuda Point
  • Tania’s Reef

The diving in Milne Bay is extremely varied, with dramatic drop-offs, coral encrusted walls and overhangs, fast-paced drift dives, shallow and oceanic reefs, and perhaps most famously, excellent muck diving. The site also hosts a variety of anemones, schools of barracuda and large elephant ear sponges.

Accommodation in Milne Bay

Tawali Resort /Tawali Dive

  • Type: Resort
  • Suitable For Non Divers: Yes
  • Swimming Pool: Yes
  • Air-conditioning: Yes
  • Hot Water: Yes
  • On-Site Dive Shop: Yes
  • Resort Highlight: Great For Divers & Non-Divers Alike
  • Diving Highlight: Incredible Muck Diving
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