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Kimbe Bay


Kimbe Bay is located in Northern New Britain. It is world renowned for its scuba diving but also offers excellent bird watching, trekking, snorkelling, fishing, cultural tours and more. It has black volcanic beaches and is covered with lush forest.

Both the land and underwater world are known as being just as vibrant as they were 17 years ago due to their remote location. The area does not contend with the population pressure that many of our planets reefs and forests do. As a result, nature thrives, making it a truly incredible, off the beaten track experience.


Kimbe Bay houses the world’s oldest coral reef system, and it is believed that all the world’s corals originated here. Kimbe is also one of the world’s most diverse ocean environments, with everything from shallow seagrass beds and mangroves to deep seamounts. These habitats house a staggering number of species including 12 species of marine mammals, and several rare and threatened species. At certain sites you can see barracuda, giant trevally and dog tooth tuna.

A range of sharks species are regularly sighted, including hammerheads and silvertips particularly on the offshore reefs. The coral reefs around Kimbe Bay are extremely rich and a recent coral count of revealed and incredible 413 species of hard coral. In addition over 900 species of fish have been recorded and this number will continue to grow as more research is done.

There are plenty of undiscovered areas so there is always a sense of adventure when diving at Kimbe Bay. The warm water and outstanding visibility combine to make a truly remarkable dive destination that should feature on any diver’s wish list.

Barracuda © Darek Sepiolo – Walindi

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