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The Poor Knights Islands


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Just off the coast of Tutukaka, the iconic Poor Knights Island offer a rich pantry of both above and underwater life.  The 11 million year old Islands’ volcanic origins provide spectacular drop offs, walls, caves and tunnels. Beneath the surface lays a complex underwater landscape surrounded by a constant flow of nutrient rich waters the feed a myriad of marine life, from encrusting life to visiting sting-rays. The waters in the area are much cooler than many of the popular dive sites. The means dense kelp forests that are teeming with fish life. During the summer months, the larger animals begin to arrive. Expect passing mantas, humpbacks and turtles.

A popular wreck dive, the HMNZS Tui was the mothership to a large international protest fleet and was sunk as a dive attraction in 1999. She now sits in 32m of water and provides a fantastic dive. The HMNZS Waikato served in the Royal New Zealand navy until decommissioning in 1998 when she was sunk. Resting in 28 metres of water, she is the only purpose sunk frigate in the Southern Hemisphere.

Accommodation In The Poor Knights Islands


Oceans Resort – Tutukaka

  •  Type: Hotel
  • Suitable For Non Divers: Yes
  • Swimming Pool: Yes
  • Air-conditioning: Main areas only
  • Hot Water: Yes
  • On-Site Dive Shop: No
  • Resort Highlight: Wonderful Location For Diving & Tours
  • Diving Highlight: Incredible Underwater Landscapes
  • Full Details Coming Soon…

Dive Operators In The Poor Knights Islands


Dive Tutukaka

  • Type: Dive Shop
  • Snorkelling/ Non Diving Tours Available: Yes
  • Dive Courses Available: Yes
  • Training Pool: Yes
  • Equipment For Hire: Yes
  • Equipment For Sale: Yes
  • Dive Shop Highlight: Incredible Facilities
  • Diving Highlight: Nutrient-Rich Waters Meaning Great Diversity
  • Full Details Coming Soon…