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Jardines De La Reina


Jardines De La Reina, also known as the Gardens of the Queen is a Caribbean destination like no other. It is both pristine and exotic, hiding many unpredictable secrets. It also boasts magnificent white sand beaches with clean, sparkling turquoise waters.


A true underwater paradise, experience vertical walls covered with sponges, Pilar coral and black coral, gorgonians, canyons and caves combined the most diverse fish life in the Carribean. Jardines de la Reina has been described as the last piece of the Caribbean that resembles how it was first discovered- stuck in a time warp like the rest of Cuba, this stunning piece of reef hasn’t changed in 60 years!

Experience the healthy mangrove system which acts as a nursery for young fish and experience a vast range of marine life including a vast array of sharks including Silky Sharks, Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Whale Sharks, Bull Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks as well as diving with American Crocodiles! There are also hundreds of endemic marine species.

Be one of only 500 lucky divers a year to experience this untouched little piece of diving paradise.

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