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The Bahamas are an archipelagic set of around 700 islands that consist of islands, cays and islets located just north of Cuba. The islands of the Bahamas live in a winterless climate with temperatures rarely dropping below 24 degrees. In fact, there is only around 8 degrees difference between the coolest and warmest month in the Bahamas! There are a number of factors that draw tourists from all over the world to the Bahamas each year including such attractions as the Blue Holes National Park, swimming with the pigs, local culture and events and more.

With 470,000 square kilometres of ocean space, the dive sites in the Bahamas are truly plentiful. One such area, the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, is a 283 square kilometre area of reef, cay and sea that is highly regarded amongst divers. The area is accessible by private boat or charter only, meaning empty dive sites with flourishing marine life. The world’s third largest fringing reef can be found in the Bahamas, offering a myriad of tropical reef fish, sponges, corals and underwater landscapes with everything from coral gardens to plunging wall dives. If that’s not enough, there are a number of divable wrecks in the Bahamas including Pretender’s wreck, Papa Doc Wreck, Theo’s Wreck, The Train wreck, Etheridge wreck and more.

With options for families, couples, honeymooners, adventurers, divers and more… the Bahamas should most definitely be on your destination bucketlist!

Accommodation In The Bahamas


Old Bahama Bay Resort & Yacht Harbour

  •  Type: Resort
  • Suitable For Non Divers:Yes
  • Swimming Pool: Yes
  • Air-Conditioning: Yes
  • Hot Water: Yes
  • On-Site Dive Shop: No
  • Resort Highlight: Fantastic Location
  • Diving Highlight: –
  • Full Details Coming Soon…

Dive Operators In The Bahamas


Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas

  • Type: Dive Operator
  • Snorkelling/ Non Diving Tours Available: No
  • Dive Courses Available: Yes
  • Training Pool: No
  • Equipment For Hire: Yes
  • Equipment For Sale: No
  • Dive Shop Highlight: Fun, Friendly Staff!
  • Diving Highlight: The Tiger Shark Seafaris
  • Full Details Coming Soon…

Liveaboards In The Bahamas


Bahamas Master

  • Departure Point: Freeport on Grand Bahama
  • Snorkelling/ Non Diving Tours Available: Yes
  • Dive Courses Available: Yes
  • Equipment For Hire: Yes
  • Dive Skiff: No
  • Nitrox: Available
  • Liveaboard Highlight: Jump In The Water To Explore As You Please
  • Diving Highlight: The Reef Sharks
  • Full Details Coming Soon…

Bahamas Aggressor (Exuma Cay & Tiger Beach)

  • Departure Point: Nassau
  • Snorkelling/ Non Diving Tours Available: Yes
  • Dive Courses Available: Yes
  • Equipment For Hire: Yes
  • Dive Skiff: No
  • Nitrox: Available
  • Liveaboard Highlight: Great Facilities & Comfortable Rooms
  • Diving Highlight: Crystal Clear, Warm Water All Year-Round
  • Full Details Coming Soon…

General Information

Australian passport holders require a valid passport with a validity of at least 6 months beyond their intended stay. All travellers must have return or onward tickets and sufficient funds for their stay. For more information and for holders of other passports, please refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for the latest travel advice.

The Bahamian Dollar (BSD) is the unit of currency. One Australian Dollar is worth approximately 0.74 BSD. The US Dollar is also used throughout the country and currently holds the same exchange rate.

English is the official language. Fijian, Chinese and Hindustani are widely spoken.

120 volts and uses a flat, two-pin adaptor and 220 volt-converter.

Bahamas is GMT/UTC – 5h during Standard Time Bahamas is GMT/UTC – 4h during Daylight Saving Time.

Light, casual summer clothing can be worn throughout the year. A jacket or sweater might be necessary for cooler evenings from December to February. Please note that beach clothing is not appropriate in the streets, churches and restaurants. In remote areas, the dress-code is more laid back.

The weather in the Bahamas is warm all year-round, with a difference of only about 8 degrees between the warmest and coolest months. May and June tend to have the most rain.

Water temperature in the Bahamas ranges from 23° Celsius to 30° around June, July and August.

The departure tax in the Bahamas sits at around BSD $30 and is generally included in your airline ticket.

Tipping in the Bahamas depends on where you are. Generally, in the more touristy areas, it is customary to tip around 10-20% off your bill.

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