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Destination Wedding in the Philippines

Anyone who’s been a bride or groom will vouch for how crazy the wedding preparations can get and for the rest of us well we’ve all seen Bridesmaids and/or The Hangover.

So with all that in mind I decided on an overseas wedding!

The destinations for an overseas wedding are somewhat overwhelming and I looked at everything from the Cherry Blossom festival in Japan to a snowy alpine ceremony in Austria.  But of course being a lover of the ocean and the beach I returned to the long list of warm locations I adore.   A little research told me some destinations were easier than others and all had differing requirements to make the wedding happen and most importantly have it be a legally recognisable marriage.


How could I go past one of my most loved destinations – the people are an absolute delight and the beaches of Boracay famous for their white sand. Most importantly the crystal clear waters I knew would offer diving opportunities and activities.  So with my destination chosen I set about pulling it all together; STUMBLING BLOCK !

This is not as easy as it should be and after a lot of attempts I ended up getting my Dive Travel Agent to help out with the wedding stuff.  I ended up getting them to do the whole lot in the end and it worked out awesome, they coordinated water activities, land activities, accommodation transfers -the whole lot. I’ve done a heap of my own trip bookings but after crunching the numbers on this – one as you do with everything wedding -I worked out it had cost  me no more than doing the whole thing myself and was a whole LOT less stressful.

“ So bags packed we left for The Philippines in October arriving 8 hours later and after a quick overnight in Manila staying at Traders Hotel we flew on to Boracay.



Man oh Man, I love this destination Boracay is breathtaking the water is sooooooooo crystal clear blue it looks fake. Think of all those pictures you’ve seen in Brochures and thought “well that’s photo-shopped! “  Well it Isn’t

So what can you do in Boracay in the water- think Dive/Snorkel/Jet-ski/Parasailing /Banana Boat /Flying fish/ Paddle board should I keep on going …We passed a lot of operators along the beach but to be honest some looked a little dodge so I was glad to know I was booked and sorted with a good operator for the dive etc.


wedding2Wedding at Fairways Blue Water Resort

These guys were fantastic and totally surpassed my expectations for the day.

We met with Arthur Peracullo the Boracay function coordinator for Fairways a few days prior to the event and made final confirmation of our menu, and timeline.  My (now) husband enjoyed a round of golf on the world class course whilst I went for massage and enjoyed a Mojito or two on the beach.

My bouquet was delivered to my room and I was stunned to discover it is an exact replica of the picture I sent via Allways Dive Expeditions. It looks divine and they have wrapped the stems with silver ribbon and adorned with a crystal pin at front. Photographer is here and a pleasure to deal with polite and courteous as he sets about taking pre wedding shots.

A private transfer takes my man to the venue 20 minutes prior to me and I am met in my hotel lobby by a concierge from Fairways who personally escorts me in air-conditioned private van to the location. At the gates to Fairways I swap over to a fully decked out bridal golf cart for the drive down to the beach; now when I say decked out I mean decked out we are talking huge display of flowers on the bonnet, fabric decoration – the whole shebang.  The Fairways girls help me adjust my dress and say a multitude of gorgeous things to me; none of which I can remember.

The beach area that they have chosen for us is small and intimate and they have created a curtained entrance way for me- The music starts whilst Fairways staff adjust my gown for me and check I am ready.  The Aisle is a swathe of white fabric scattered with red rose petals and there are flowers everywhere- this is way passed my expectations. There are flowers on pedestals/ vases at ground level and the canopy under which I am to exchange my vows is fully decorated with large falling bouquets of flowers – absolutely stunning.

The exchange of vows is lovely just formal enough but not two lengthy or wordy and we are given the opportunity to exchange personal words to each other. Then to our surprise we are each handed a martini glass of sand and one is placed on the table in front of us. We are encouraged to spill our sands into the glass sat on the table and the pastor recites some gorgeous words of how sand once mixed can never be parted and as such we are part of each other. It is a gorgeous unexpected touch to the ceremony.

Photos, Photos, Photos all turn out beautiful-

Dinner table is set for us and is packed with candles and 6-8 boxes of different flowers from roses to Lily’s; the dinner is as we chose it and delicious. A private waiter is allocated to us and attends to our every need as the sun sets over Boracay.