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Check out what could be the world's first underwater drone: the iBubble

drone ibubble

Drone iBubble Prototype

We’ve come a long way in technology since developing film for every photograph we take. Our iPhones can tell us the weather, allow us to contact people throughout the world and even be used as a yoga teacher! Therefore, I’m sure many of you would agree that the only sensible move next would be to create an underwater drone!
Meet the iBubble.

Created by tech devotee Xavier Spengler and diver Kevin Delfour – the two begun their quest on startup maker and have since worked with many divers and tech people including the famous freediver Guillaume Nery.

The concept is a self propelling house that contains a go pro camera system that wirelessly links to a bracelet. The drone shadows the diver as they move underwater and angles can be switched with a touch of the bracelet. The clever little housing can go as deep as 230 feet.

Check out their start up video here:

Free from any heavy equipment divers will soon be able to glide along freely, enjoying their dive and watching in awe at the incredible marine life around them whilst capturing everything on film in fantastic definition. Drone iBubble Prototype

Once again, we will be able to capture things we’ve never been able to before.

Currently still in development and cannot yet be officially purchased. Visit the iBubble website here.

– Lucinda Evans, Allways Dive Expeditions.

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