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Allways our top picks! Our team’s favourite dive locations worldwide

So often when we are booking trips, we get asked where our favourite places to dive. Like you, all our team and dive agents are divers, we work in this industry because we want to dive and travel – so why not work in dive travel? As we sit here at our desks, we dream of white sand, 28’ water, palm trees and cocktails out of a coconut…. Ahhh….. And of course our favourite dive sites around the world!

With that in mind, we decided to wander around the office and ask our team to tell us a little about their favourite diving destination, and why that place stands out to them as the best place to dive. So without any further ado, we give you – our Allways team picks!


Director, Geoff’s top pick:

Tiputa pass, Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Tiputa pass in Rangiroa is definitely one of my top picks. It has crystal clear water which is so clear it looks almost purple. In terms of the diving, we have viewed Mantas, Dolphins, huge schools of fish and masses of reef sharks. One January we witnessed Giant Hammerheads and Tiger Sharks feeding on Rays. Couple that with fantastic accommodation and wonderful hospitality, what more could you ask for?


Dive Travel Specialist, Hayley’s top pick:

Kadavu Island, Fiji.

I stayed at Matava Resort. It’s such a great eco resort with spectacular and friendly service and it’s very own vege garden. It’s a very remote island, with no roads. The only access is a 45 minute ferry ride from the domestic airport. There is also a small village 10 minutes boat ride away (or 30 minute kayak) which is nestled on the river mouth with a stunning waterfall in their backyard.

The water was really clear with most dive sites having 20-30 metres visibility and the only dive operator in miles means you’re the only boat in the water! There were tons of beautiful coral, lots of fish, reef sharks, turtles, sea snakes and a Manta ray cleaning station… what more could you ask for?!


Dive Travel Specialist, Kat’s top pick:

The Twin Tunnels, Solomon Islands

When I went to the Solomon Islands, I did a liveaboard trip. The most memorable dive of this trip was the Twin Tunnels dive. You literally drop into a tunnel which is about 4 metres in diameter, and there are two tunnels side-by-side of each other which are the same. The tunnel is surround by coral and then you hit about 25 metres and the tunnel opens up to a shark feeding ground.  Our dive master had some food with him so we were feeding the sharks. Definitely my most memorable trip to date.


Travel Administrator, Abbigail’s top pick:

Raki Raki, Fiji.

Around 10 years ago my passion for the Ocean and everything that lay hidden beneath the surface was ignited in Fiji! My sister and I travelled to the northern point of Fiji near a small rural area called Raki Raki.  A short 10 minutes in a speed boat took us to the hidden side of a small uninhabited island that was cliff face on that side.   We slid off the back of the boat to find that the cliff just kept on going where it met the sea and the most unbelievable wall of soft corals and huge fans lay before us! From that moment on the ocean and its hidden walls, drop offs and creatures had me hooked!


Website consultant, Carmen’s top pick:

Gordon Rocks, Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are such an amazing diving destination, the marine life was phenomenal and every site was exciting. However, Gordon Rocks – the remains of a caldera is the site that stands out in my mind. We dropped down to about 15metres, where I experienced a 10’c thermocline so powerful it sent my regulator flying. But I wasn’t concerned with the cold, I was too busy observing the abundance of eagle rays, reef sharks, turtles, Barracuda and my first Galapagos shark to notice it. As we dropped down to around 28metres, coming straight at us were a school of Hammerheads, above, below, to the left to the right. Once the school finally passed us, we continued to look in all the nooks and cranny’s created by the volcanic island for little macro creatures. Like that wasn’t enough, on the safety stop, I looked up from my dive computer to see a fur seal flipped upside down saying hello. To this day, no dive will ever top that one.


If this article has made your fins itchy for some diving, why not get in contact with one of our knowledgeable agents who can give you some more “inside knowledge” on diving one of these phenomenal locations. Also check out our dive destinations section for more inspiration.