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7 reasons why Cuba is the place to go this year

It’s the talk of the travel industry, Cuba is THE place to be. With the lifting of the travel embargo, everyone is in a rush to get to Cuba before everything changes. And why wouldn’t you? Latin beats, Mojitos, time warps and Carribean beaches, it’s a little piece of 1950’s heaven only a stone throw away from the United States. So what is it about this amazing new up and coming destination? Here are just a few reasons why Cuba is the most amazing new travel destination.

#1. There is practically NO crime
Cuba’s crime rates are the lowest in the Western Hemisphere. While obviously you don’t want to be completely ignorant, and think that every person there is completely innocent (there are always a few), but you can feel pretty safe by exercising just a little caution.

#2 The Rum… oh yes, the Rum!
The home of Rum, if you’re not already a Rum lover, you will be by the end of this trip. Did you know that even Bacardi Rum is actually Cuban? They fled to Puerto Rico after the rise of Castro – proof these peeps, they know their rum! Enjoy every type of Rum drink possible – Daiquiris, Mojitos, Pina Coladas… You’ll feel like you’re on a Caribbean vacation the minute the first sip of rum hits your mouth. (yes, we like our rum!)

#3 La musica
Latin beats, as far as the ear can hear. Everywhere at any time of day, you can hear Latin beats in the street as locals sing, play and of course, dance! Enjoy music everywhere you go by day and then dance your legs off at night.

#4 For the time warp
Once a place of glitz and glamour for Americans, has been stuck in a time warp since the 1960’s. After they were seen to side with the Soviets and Cuba then nationalised all American businesses, Cuba was cut off from the world and has been stuck in the 1960’s ever since. Today in Cuba, time has stood still and you can still experience a culture that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. Time moved forward elsewhere and stayed the same there. It patriotically holds its rich culture largely due to the lack of Americanisation… which bring us to the next point.

#5 For the lack of Americans….
It cannot be denied that once American’s arrive in mass to a destination in the world, the place is bombarded with Macdonalds, Starbucks, KFC’s and Apple products. In Cuba, you can’t find any of that. Every business is at least partially owned by the state. Any modern products have been provided by Korea. They can’t even use American dollars there, as the US will not accept back currency that has been used in Cuba. Cuba’s charm lies in the fact that IT IS uniquely Cuban and it’s culture has not been adulterated by the USA like most of the world. Finding a place with this charm is very rare today.

#6 For the lower prices
At the moment, Cuba is not the cheapest place in the world to visit, but with the expected influx of tourists wanting to see it “before it changes” in coming years, the price is expected to soar. Some of the prices from 2015 to 2016 are expected to almost double and will continue to do so as the country becomes in high demand.

#7 For the diving, oh yes, the diving…..
Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen) is some of the most pristine diving in the world where you can experience vertical walls covered with sponges, Pilar coral and black coral, gorgonians, canyons and caves combined the most diverse fish life in the Carribean. You can also experience mangrove systems and all sorts of sharks including whale sharks and hammerheads. For those looking for some phenomenal diving, Cuba definitely offers an underwater paradise.

If there was ever a time to see Cuba, now is the time. To read more about Cuba, click here to see the Cuba section of our website.