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Travel Etiquette for Divers

Here’s a few tips for you to take on your next dive holiday!

If you’re sharing a room with someone else in the tour group

Travel Etiquette

  1. Hanging some underwear in the bathroom is ok. Hanging it across the taps at a level that brushes your face, or leaving it on the floor, is not ok.
  2. If you’re a snorer and you know it, consider packing a pair of earplugs for your roommate. If you’re really loud, consider taking a single room. People do strange things when they haven’t slept.
  3. Smoker? Standing near an open window does not count as “outside”. The hotel may say you can smoke but it’s generally not the done thing for Aussies.
  4. Reconsider your urge to switch on the TV. How’s the serenity!

When you’re diving

Travel Etiquette

  1. If you have a camera and the guide shows you something, take 2-3 shots and then move out of the way for the next person. If you want to take more that’s ok, but wait until everyone’s had a turn. The best buddy teams know how to work with each other.
  2. If someone else is taking a photo, please wait until they have finished before you start. If they’re taking a video, your flash will ruin their shot.
  3. When diving on a wall, dive at the same level or above the group. If you swim underneath, your bubbles are going to ruin it for everyone else.
  4. If you’ve peed in your wetsuit, please wait until everyone else has washed their regs before you throw your suit into the communal tub.


Travel Etiquette

  1. If there’s a buffet, have a look at what other people have taken and how many people are left. You can have 45 prawns, but maybe not in your first helping.
  2. We all love a few cocktails, but unless you want to end up on the wrong side of Facebook, consider pacing yourself with the group.

Enjoy your dive holiday!