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14 signs you need to book a holiday… today!

1. Your passport photo is so outdated there’s a chance you’ll end up on an episode of border patrol if you travel with it

passport photo

2. Your Australian accent is stronger than ever


3. You’re so cold that sighting a white walker wouldn’t surprise you (one for the Game of Thrones lovers)


4.You pressed snooze on your alarm over 11 times this morning

200 (1)

5. On Fridays you send emails starting with “Happy Friday!!” like it’s the event of the year

 Annoying Email

6. You’ve lost all motivation for exercise or going outside in general

giphy (2)

7. Your dive equipment is getting dusty


8.You’ve got a tropical beach set as your screensaver

Tropical Screensaver

9. You don’t even bother pretending to smile at your co-workers’ vacation stories

200 (4)

10. When your colleague asks “Want to come get a coffee?” you jump out of your chair like it’s the best adventure since Harry went to Hogwarts


11. The most tropical place you’ve been in the past year is the plants section at Bunnings.


12. You’re STILL Instagramming pics from your European vacation two summers ago with the hashtag #takemeback


13. You report your friend’s holiday photos on Instagram as “inappropriate”


14. You seem to be missing your brain

giphy (1)

Time to get booking!