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Looking for inspiration for your next holiday? Unsure where to go? Sick of people suggesting the well known places that everyone has already seen? Well here are 10 reasons you should book your next holiday to the unique islands of Samoa!

1. The Tranquility

Samoa, whilst developed enough to handle tourists doesn’t get the same influx as places such as Indonesia and Fiji do. You will walk to the beach and find a few people over a hundred metres away on a busy day. Devoid of mega-resort and flashy attractions, this beautiful country allows peace and relaxation however has enough activities to keep you occupied during your entire stay.


2. The Pace

Everything in Samoa is on ‘island time’. This means no hasty, rushed drivers. No fast-paced business men. The tempo of living is simple. No one is stressed and every individual walks with a happy cadence.


3. The Colour

Look in just about any direction in Samoa and see the colour GREEN! The country has the greenest most lush, tropical mountains you have ever seen. Green grass, green trees, everything has a dewy, healthy look.


4. The People

The people are absolutely beautiful! Each and every single person in Samoa is consistently seeking to make your time in their incredible country more enjoyable. From the staff at your accommodation to the friendly smiles you will receive when walking down the main street of the biggest ‘city’, Apia.


5. The Beaches

The beaches are seemingly endless and boast gin clear, blue waters. As the islands are very small, you will almost always find yourself next to a beach, yet you will never get sick of looking at them.


6. The Food

The food in Samoa is incredible. Most of their best dishes are made with raw, fresh fish, which will have been caught by the locals that morning. Try the Oka, an incredible raw tuna and coconut milk dish. Another dish is Poke, raw fish with soy sauce and chilli. And then there is the taro chips, a potato-like vegetable soaked in coconut cream or deep fried (and great with a g&t)!


7. The Culture

There is a beautiful, strong culture that permeates throughout Samoa. The people are all very proud of their culture, and all play a part in strong religious and cultural practices within their tight-knit communities. The people of Samoa have truly stuck to the Samoan way, and in fact, you’re more likely to see someone juggling fire or playing with a piglet than a house with walls.


8. The Tours

Not everyone likes to do the touristy things whilst overseas, but if there is one place you’re going to do it, it’s Samoa. Unlike many other countries, the tourist ‘hot-spots’ in Samoa, on the most part, only have a few other people there. The locals know the best places and times to visit and will make sure you have the best experience possible at each place. Some examples include To Sua Trench, the sliding rocks, swimming with turtles in Savai’i, the Alofaaga blow holes and more!


9. The Weather

All year round, rain or shine, Samoa’s weather is a warm, comfortable temperature. In sunshine, you will experience the best of this country, but don’t let the rain deter you. Tours, diving and and even a relaxing swim in the pool can still be done in the light rain, due to the consistent temperature.


10. The Transportation

Samoa has a fantastic transport option – buses. But these aren’t your average buses – they’re brightly coloured, raised off the ground and great fun! You’ll meet a bunch of locals an each bus has their destination written on the side along with some fantastic artwork!


– Lucinda Evans, Allways Dive Expeditions.

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