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Spread across the Pacific ocean between Papua New Guinea and Japan, Micronesia has three major factors attracting divers to this beautiful area.

First is the rich biodiversity. Micronesia is in the Indo Pacific Coral Triangle, right near the Philippines, PNG and Indonesia, and the number of species and abundance of marine life is astounding. Both Yap and Palau sit atop huge ocean trenches, and are frequented by many large visitors including sharks and manta rays.

Micronesia is also home to world-class wreck diving. The Pacific Ocean was the stage for many an ocean battle during both World Wars, and the ocean floor bears proof. In February and March 1944 several battles took place, sending almost 400 ships and aeroplanes to the bottom across Kwajalein, Chuuk (Truk) and Palau. A great number of these are diveable not only by those with technical qualifications but also recreational divers.

From Australia the main entry point is the US territory of Guam. The main diving regions in Micronesia are Palau, Chuuk (Truk), Yap, Kosrae, Guam and the Marshall Islands.

Diving Destinations in Micronesia

Dive Liveaboards in Micronesia

General Information

All visitors to Micronesia travelling through Guam are required to complete the online US Customs and Border Protection ESTA application. The cost is approximately $15 USD. Australian passport holders require a valid passport with a validity of at least 6 months beyond their intended stay. For more information and for holders of other passports, please refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for the latest travel advice.

The currency is the US Dollar (USD). One Australian dollar is worth approximately $$0.75USD.

English is widely spoken, and there are around 20 Micronesian languages.

110-120V and uses the USA plug type.

GMT+11 in Truk and Kosrae, and GMT+10 in Palau and Yap.

Light casual clothing is recommended, and please dress modestly in public places.

Micronesia has a warm, tropical climate. The rainy season in southern districts is from mid-May to late November, with the greatest falls between July and October. The rain is rarely heavy however and there is still much sunshine. Temperatures average around 28°C and humidity averages 80%.

In Micronesia the water temperature is a fairly stable 27-29°C year round.

$20USD from Truk and Palau payable on departure.

Tipping is considered normal in the service industries in Micronesia and while not expected, it rewards a good job.

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